• Thermocol Plates
    Thermocol Range

    We provide 12 inch Round Plate, 9 inch Round Plate, 6 inch Round Plate, 5 inch Round Plate, 4 CP Square Plate, Oval Bowl, Large Dona, Big Bowl, Small Dona, etc. Every Product contain two to three quality range as per customer's requirement.

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  • Leaf Plates
    Leaf Product

    We provide Plain Plate (Pattal), 12 inch Plate (Pattal Thali), Round Dona (Gol Dona), Square Dona (Chaukor Dona), 10 inch Plate (Chhota Pattal Thali), etc. Every Product contain single quality range for customer's requirement.

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  • Plastic Plates, Spoon,PickUP Bags,etc.
    Plastic Product

    We provide Zip Lock Bags, Asia Shoping Bags, Super Shoping Bags, 5Star Shoping Bags, Plastic Sutli, Disposable Spoon, Disposable Glass, Disposable Cup, Plastic Mug, etc. Every Product contain different colours & size for customer's needs.

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  • Paper Roll, Tissue Paper, Glass, etc.
    Paper Product

    We provide Paper Roll, Tissue Paper (Napkin), 10 inch Paper Plate, 6 inch Paper Plate, Square Paper Plate, Sweet Box, Paper Glass, Paper Cup, Pepssi Glass etc. Every Product contain More than one size & colour as per customer's requirement.

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  • Wood Spoons
    Wood Product

    We provide Simple Small Spoon (Disposable), Simple Big Spoon (Disposable), Dinner Spoon (Disposable), Dinner Fork (Disposable), Dessert Spoon (Disposable), Thooth Pick etc. Every Product contain single quality range for customer's needs.

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  • Polly Rubber band, Fine, Edge.
    Rubber Product

    We provide Polly Rubber Band Fine (Different Size), Simple Rubber Band Fine (Different Size), Simple Rubber Band Edge (Different Size), etc. Every Product contain more than one colour, quality & size as per customer's requirement.

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  • Aluminum Foil Container, Foil
    Aluminum Product

    We provide Aluminium Foil Container (Different Size), Aluminium Foil 6 inch Plate, Aluminium Foil (Different Size), etc. Every Product contain more than one quality & size as per customer's requirement.

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Vyapar Seva brings convenience at your disposal with its versatile range of eECO Disposable Tableware. Lightweight but Strong and economical but presentable has made eECO disposable Tablewarea must for every occasion. Their thermal property gives them the extra edge over other serving options. Moreover its User-friendly designs, environment friendly and pocket friendly nature makes eECO disposable a must for everyday use in parties, picnic, canteens, small and large gatherings.

So go ahead make that serving special with Vuapar Seva Disposables.

Wide Product Range

Disposable Thermocol Tableware, Paper Tableware, Leaf Tableware, Aluminum Foil Tableware, Plastic Products, Rubber Products, etc.

Quality Product

We offer best quality products to our customers, All products chaked by manufacturer experts before deelivery to third party

Best Price

We offer best price of every goods, Due to direct shipment of goods from product manufacturer compney to our customers.

Counted amidst the reliable names, Vyapar Seva brings forth a wide variety of Products. The company is noteworthy Supplier of Disposable Plates, Disposable Glass, Plastic Products, Aluminium Foil Container & Disposable Spoon. These products made from quality raw materials such as paper, thermocol, etc. We conduct the process of manufacturing under the assistance of our experts using advanced machines. With the assistance of our sophisticated inventory system, we are able to process both bulk as well as urgent orders of the clients. Owing to our ethical business operations, we have garnered wide clientele across the nation.

VYAPAR SEVA™ PRIVATE LIMITED is a registered company of verious leading Disposable goods manufacturing company (Like: eECO Themoplast LLP., Kush Plastic Co., Asia Plastic Co., Shiva Plastic Co. etc.) to grow the business across the nation. We provide our goods in any time & any situation to our customer's destination. We try to zero delay in goods transportation.

We provide end to end support to our customers in verious situation (Like: Enquary of Goods Avilablity, Goods Prices, Transportation in customer's region, Valid paper and documentation, Generation of bills, Fund transfer, etc.). We try to gives our quality service to our customers, So that our customers save time as well as money. For any Support Call at +91 9973 28 4001 or Wirte us at info@vyaparseva.com

I establish my business in 1988 for supply of small amount of goods, But after 10 years of hard work & true credit my business converted into VYAPAR SEVA PVT. LTD., Area managing compney by verious types of goods.

Vishwanath Sah

  • 5TAR Pickup Bags
  • SUPER Pickup Bags
  • aone Aliminum Foil
  • Sarovar Leaf Plates
  • Polly Rubber Bands
  • Prava Paper Product
  • Cinten Wood Product
  • eECO Thermotech LLP
  • ASIA Pickup Bag

Customer Care Helpline No. : +91 9973 28 4001 | Email : vyaparseva@gmail.com